Baby Classes

Baby Ballet and Pre-Syllabus Classes
In this class, for boys and girls from 3 years old, we introduce basic ballet positions and exercises. The children also enjoy lots of fun activities and movement to music. We are very fortunate to have our own pianist playing for our Saturday classes providing a variety of music appropriate for the movements used in this class and the age group of the students…it also shows them that not all music relies on electricity!
The children who attend this class also benefit enormously from the solid grounding it gives to their enjoyment of dance. They progress to the Pre-Primary grade work already aware of their dance posture, and of the many steps that will develop from this beginners class.
bbodance (The British Ballet Organisation aka the BBO) provides a “Pre-Syllabus Assessment” where the children can perform what they have learnt in front of an examiner and accompanied by their teacher. This is not compulsory but it is an excellent introduction to the sort of exam situation that they will encounter as they progress upwards through the grades. They will receive a report, certificate, and badge to show what they have accomplished.
For times and venues of classes please see our”Newsletter and Timetable” post on the Home Page.