Ballet Classes

Ballet Classes
Starting with Pre-Primary and Primary Grades we progress through Grades 1 to 5, and from this level to Grade 6/Intermediate Foundation, Grade 7 Intermediate, Grade 8, and Advanced 1 and 2.
We have an inspirational syllabus devised by Ann Heaton and John Field with lovely music composed by Peter Jones. This combination is a force for bringing out the best in every dancer and fostering an appreciation of the art form that is Classical Ballet.
Simon Horrill has introduced a fine syllabus for Boys. As many more boys are attracted to dance as a career nowadays this syllabus gives the strength and line that a male dancer requires.
We have an Adult Ballet Class for mature dancers who wish to continue dancing for fitness and pleasure. This is not a class for beginners…students must have achieved a Grade 5 standard to meet the level of the class.
For times and venues of the various ballet classes please refer to our “Newsletter and Timetable” on our Home page.