Miss Sheila Cross, School Principal

Sheila is a senior examiner for the British Ballet Organisation (BBO), has an Associate Diploma in Modern Theatre Dance with the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers (ISTD), and an RSA Certificate in Applied Anatomy for Dancers and Teachers of Dance.

Her dance training was at the Doris Isaacs School of Dancing in Brighton where she took all Grades of Ballet and Tap dance through to Full Advanced, as well as National Dance and Classical Greek Dance. After gaining her teaching qualifications and teaching for Doris Isaacs, several years of professional dancing followed. In 1967 she founded the Portslade School of Dancing.

“I gives me great pleasure to see the development of young pupils as they progress through the various dance grades. The regime of dance training gives physical fitness, co-ordination, and good posture. It requires discipline and dedication. All of these equip  well- trained dancers with skills for life, whether they follow a career in dance or take another avenue altogether. This, sometimes demanding, training gives us a love of music, dance, and theatre that will stay with us forever. I firmly believe that it shapes our appreciation of all the arts.”