This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time.

We, The Portslade School of Dancing, do not process any data from this website nor use any WordPress analytics for processing purposes. If you get in touch with us via the “contact” link we will reply from a different email address not associated with WordPress in any way.

DATA PROTECTION ((General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GPDR))

The Portslade School of Dancing collects and uses certain personal information in order to operate. This personal information includes parents or pupils’ names, contact details, gender, date of birth, payment history, dancing history and relevant medical conditions which students and parents will have given us at enrolment and updated as appropriate. Please contact a member of staff if any of your details have changed. Information held is used for a variety of reasons, including: day-to-day administration, keeping pupils and parents informed, tailoring lessons to better suit the needs of pupils, entering pupils in exams, ensuring medical or disability needs are met.

The Portslade School of Dancing  aims to meet data protection policy objectives by ensuring everyone who has access to personal data is fully aware of and understands the eight general principles of data protection.

The principles ensure that personal data is:
*fairly and lawfully processed;
*processed for limited purposes;
*adequate, relevant and not excessive;
*accurate and up to date;
*not kept for longer than is necessary;
*processed in line with your rights;
*not transferred to other countries

The need to ensure that data is kept securely means that precautions must be taken against loss or damage and that both access and disclosure must be restricted. All staff and volunteers are responsible for ensuring that any personal data which they hold is kept securely and any personal data that they provide is accurate and up to date. Personal information is not to be disclosed to any unauthorized third party.

It is the duty of the principle to ensure that personal information is used properly, is not excessive and is not kept for longer than necessary.
All individuals who have personal information held by The Portslade School of Dancing are entitled to: ask what information The Portslade School of Dancing  holds about them and why; ask for a copy of it; be informed how to keep it up to date.


In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GPDR)

  • We do not disclose or sell personal data to third parties or process/use your data for marketing purposes.
  • We do not disclose personal data to other members of the School and their families.
  • The School uses contact numbers and emails for newsletters, updates, whole school and individual communication, invoices and general information.
  • Emergency Parent contact numbers should be given to teachers for the sole use of emergency contact only.
  • Personal written data is stored off site securely. We do not store any information digitally except for email and postal addresses. Emails you send us are stored securely and deleted as soon as they are no longer relevant to your enquiry.
  • Paper registration forms, school registers, attendance records and all handwritten records are stored in a secured filing cabinet off site.

    Disclosing your details to others:
    Your personal details are your property. There is a possibility we could be obliged by law to disclose information about you. This is highly unlikely as we hold very little personal information. If it did happen, we would fight the request as best as possible. If we were still obliged to comply, we would only disclose the bare minimum possible to comply.